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Portfolio PDF

Client ~ BTM - Benny Thomas Ministries - Poster / Signage Design
BEFORE     &   AFTER Cleaned up and reorganized

Client ~ Celebration Ministries / Banner Design Ideas March 2014
The client requested her new banner design to match " trendy colors" So used the colors that were Trending for 2014 as a guide .

Client ~The Purple Elephant Gallery
This artwork was setup and used in clients Constant Contact
Email Marketing Monthly Campaigns. Client had many different artist with different events happening.

Client ~ Deerfield Advisors Insurance
Examples of white papers produced for Deerfield Advisors
to see more produced for Deerfield go to ;

"The Deerfield Advisor" at

Also see far left graphic. This is a customized questionnaire PDF. Used for prospective insurance customers.
Document is designed in Publisher and PDF is edited using Adobe Pro DC.

Client~ The Haggard Law Firm
"The Haggard Law Firm
These "white papers" are commercially printed and used as marketing material as they are slipped inside the full page Brochure and snail mailed out.


Client ~ The Greater Houston Shepherds Guide 2013 - 2014 Publishers - Mark & Annetta Carter

Client ~ The Greater Houston Shepherds Guide 2006 - 2011 Publisher - Sharon Sargeant


 ·  CD COVER Design


Book Jacket Designs

Client ~ Full Gospel Business Men / Breakfast of Champions - Emails Marketing Designs ~ 2011

Note ~ Still Producing these Email Marketing Designs each month for Gil & MaryAnn Markarian,
Samples of some of the guest speakers

· FGBM ~ Darren & Tanja Miles

· FGBM ~ William & Lucille Lau

· FGBM ~ Dr. J Doug Stringer

· FGBM ~ Joan Hunter

· FGBM ~ Pastor Joe Keenan

· FGBM ~ Greg Petsch

· FGBM ~ Irwin Baxter + Christmas Wishes


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